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Collection V5 (34) 1 of 1 Multi Utility + Bonus Incentivized NFT's



Presenting MagicMint’s fifth NFT Collection! This collection features 34 astounding one of one trading card styled NFT’s featuring fixed rewards, with highly motivated investor incentives and massive multi functioning utility. Each unique MagicMint NFT in this collection introduces a multitude of instant rewards.


Each NFT adds a new instant bonuses to your wallet! increasing the already generous amounts of reward deposits MagicMint offers for the first year of investment into our company, community and ecosystem. Instant bonuses generate enormous value. Owning more then 3+ NFTS generates a multiplier on your bonuses.


Additional utility which brings not only an instant bonus on your total holdings but also gives you a VIP access pass into our growing ecosystem. Owning one or more of these unique multi utility functioning NFT’s, grants you even more bonuses and rewards on your total holdings instantly. VIP status gives you access to our VIP private chat and more.

34 1 of 1 multi functioning extremely limited NFT's, MagicMint offers V5 collection as the only collection with an instant total holdings bonus. Our 5th NFT collection is very special, it will be a massive collection that will feature an instant bonus for a fixed amount of MAGICIAN and certain incentives, which will not be included in other collections. 

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