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The Value is in the Protocol

Our company's value is generated from rewarding our holders and supporters on their investment. MagicMint offers an extensive self custody savings income rewards program. Rewarding investors twice every Monday. Our NFT museums feature artists from multiple blockchains, showcasing truly outstanding works of art. They can be viewed or purchased from our metaverse museum showrooms. A true store of value and wealth 2.0.

Utility That Matters

Utility is the major beneficial factor of value in the digital asset market space. MagicMint distributes not only 1 but 2 reward airdrop deposits, a week to all investors, for their investment holdings. Savings accounts that dont reward investors to hold their digital assets are a thing of the past. MagicMint rewards 5% every Monday in MINT and 1:10000 ratio % yield in XRP, out of our investment digital asset portfolio. Earning value on your investment is the utility that truly matters long term.

Trusted & Secure

MagicMint reinvests every penny from our portfolio allocation, capital flows right back into the digital asset investment fund, to reward all holders, which extends the rewards beyond all coin allocations for the long term. MagicMint has multiple coin allocations dedicated to the protocols it uses, which brings added trust, transparency, security and value to investors, showing that the company is a dominate force to become a generational savings store of value and wealth. All creator + company allocated coins are locked for one year, to ensure the company + creator has the investors best interest at all times.

Store of Value 2.0

MagicMint offers an extensive rewards program which brings value directly to your digital asset portfolio. MINT generates utility from its ability to earn every week. Not only once but twice a week. No other project, coin, company or staking platform offers such extensive rewards distributed in MINT + XRP for holding a real store of value 2.0.

Generational Wealth

Investing for your future is what MagicMint’s mission is all about. The utility of generational wealth is for you and your entire family to prosper financially for decades to come. All wallets are open for the public to see, showing our dedication, solvency and longevity to the company and our investors. 

Digital Asset Portfolio

Our digital asset portfolio fund is a true game changer. MagicMint currently manages multiple digital assets of real world value. The portfolio fund is used to reward every single MagicMint investor, every Monday. The entire 30% (150 Million) of the supply is allocated directly to funding our digital asset portfolio. 

Self Custody Rewards

Compounding and accumulating MINT is the future of passive income earning and digital asset savings. Self custody eliminates having to risk your value on a 3rd party service or exchange. Self custody is the most secure way to hold your assets. Earning has never been easier in the digital asset space. 

Trusted + Secure + KYC

MagicMint's first priority is trust and security. All company, creator, portfolio and distribution wallets are all KYC activated. All assets purchased for the digital asset portfolio fund, are stored off-line in multiple cold storage devices. Self custody is the most secure way of holding your value.

NFT Protocols + Products

MagicMint offers extensive NFT protocols for the artist, buyer, and seller. Our custom NFT metaverse museums showcase artists from multiple blockchains. MagicMint is dedicated to building an ecosystem of NFT artists from around the world. MagicMinter APP coming in 2023.

Setup Wallet

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Setup Trustline

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Start Earning

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