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Reflections & the completion of a year and a half journey with our Token Holder Rewards Program.

Let me start off by saying that it has been an incredible and eventful journey for us over the past year and a half. As we reflect on our accomplishments, we are proud to share the milestones we have achieved and the rewards we have given back to our valued investors. Our commitment to providing a seamless and rewarding experience has been at the core of our mission since the beginning.

Giving Back to Investors: From our first 24 hours in business publicly, we established ourselves as a weekly token reward platform. Over the course of 53 consecutive weeks, we flawlessly executed our promise to deliver value to our investors. With an astonishingly low error rate of nearly 0%, we gifted our value as promised every single week for an entire year+. It's important to note that these transactions were manually executed through a custom-tailored tool designed specifically for delivering the magic of our token's value.

During the initial months, we gave back over 50,000+ XRP through various reward protocols and our weekly rewards. Additionally, we provided the market with substantial XRP exit liquidity, contributing to its stability and growth. Remarkably, even after a year and a half, the tokens held by our creators remain locked, with 0% sold. The entire creator allocations will continue to be locked until July 2024, ensuring a fair, decentralized and transparent approach.

Rewarding the Most from Any Project: Our goal has always been simple: to give and reward the most to our customers after their initial purchase. We have consistently offered the highest number of tokens on a weekly and monthly basis, providing seamless, error-free value with no complaints. This commitment to excellence has set us apart and allowed us to build trust and loyalty among our community.

Completing Our Reward Protocol: As we approach the completion of our reward protocol, we are proud to announce that our weekly protocol has been successfully completed after 53 weeks. Looking ahead, our monthly token holder awards will be finalized on December 25, 2023. To further express our gratitude, we have scheduled two monthly airdrops on November 1 and December 1 for monthly rewards.

A Special Airdrop for Token Holders: Following the completion of our reward protocol, we have an exciting plan in store for our token holders. We will be offering a special percentage % airdrop exclusively to holders of SHAMAN, USDM, MAGICIAN, WIZARD, SHAMAN, and MAGICIANFX2 tokens on Christmas Day 12.25.23. *Our Last Holder Rewards Airdrop will be on December 25th 2023*

This initiative aims to further enhance the value and benefits for our loyal community members.

As we reflect on our journey, we are immensely proud of the milestones we have achieved and the rewards we have given back to our investors. Our commitment to providing a seamless, error-free, and rewarding experience has been unwavering. We are grateful for the trust and support of our community, and we look forward to continuing this incredible journey together.

As we embark on a new chapter in our story, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have shown early support for our company. Your belief in us has been instrumental in shaping our journey thus far.

To show our appreciation, we have offered numerous one-for-one airdrops and amazing reward protocols through NFT & token purchases. These initiatives will continue until our supplies and allocations are exhausted. We are committed to consistently offering ways for you to earn value and rewards, ensuring that your investment in us is always worthwhile. At MagicMint there will always be a rewards protocol offering the most value after purchase.

Rewarding Early Supporters: One of the ways we express our gratitude is through our NFT collection. With every purchase, you not only acquire a unique collectible piece of art but also earn a percentage of your holdings. This ongoing reward system ensures that your investment continues to grow and flourish.

Additionally, our NFT staking program allows you to earn daily tokens by soft staking your NFT on our Discord platform. We believe in providing multiple avenues for you to earn and benefit from your involvement with us.

Daily Trading Rewards: We understand the importance of active participation and engagement. That's why we now offer daily trading rewards through the 1MC DEX. By trading and setting order limits, buys, and sells, you can accumulate trading rewards and individual token rewards. This initiative encourages a vibrant and dynamic trading community while providing additional value to our users.

Continuing to Offer the Most: Our commitment to providing the most value extends beyond the initial purchase. We firmly believe that ongoing rewards and protocols are essential for the success and satisfaction of our community. Unlike many other projects that offer little to no rewards after the purchase of their NFTs or tokens, we are dedicated to consistently giving back to our investors and collectors.

Our allocations are designed to prioritize rewards, with over 50% allocated for this purpose. Rest assured, we make 0% profit from these allocations, ensuring that the benefits flow directly to our valued supporters.

Pivoting Towards True Utility: As we close one chapter, another begins. We are excited to announce our pivot towards true utility and theme-based developed protocols.

Our company is evolving and taking shape, aligning with our vision of providing genuine value to our community. MagicMint will always offer true utility, ensuring that our offerings are not just tokens or NFTs but assets that hold tangible value and serve a purpose.

The Magic Mint NFT Battle Game: One of the exciting developments on our horizon is the official launch of our Discord Magic Mint NFT Battle Game. This innovative platform allows both NFT holders and non-NFT holders to engage in battles and earn MagicMint tokens and XRP for their victories and defeats. We believe that participation in our ecosystem should always be rewarded, and this game is a testament to our commitment to providing engaging and rewarding experiences.

As we express our gratitude for the early support we have received, we also look forward to the future with great anticipation. Our commitment to rewarding our community remains unwavering, and we will continue to implement protocols and initiatives that prioritize your success and satisfaction. With our pivot towards true utility and the upcoming launch of the MagicMint NFT Battle Game, we are excited to embark on this new phase of our journey together.

We are thrilled to announce that the game we are creating at MagicMint will mark a significant milestone in our journey. It represents the culmination of our utility and use case, setting the stage for our future endeavors. Just as Amazon started with books and MagicMint began with rewards, we believe in laying a strong foundation by giving value to our early investors. This approach allows them to capitalize on their investment and become liquidity providers for the future success of our company.

Acknowledging Our Team: We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team of developers and workers who have worked tirelessly to update our tools, work hard for the company and introduce new features every week. Their commitment to excellence and their ability to address our questions and challenges on a daily basis have been instrumental in shaping our platform. Our custom tools have been battle-tested and will be utilized in our protocols, brand new services, and the upcoming game. MagicMint is truly a one-of-a-kind company, and our team's efforts reflect our commitment to delivering a unique and exceptional experience to our users.

Building Through Challenges: Over the past year and a half, we have experienced the true essence of development. Despite the challenges posed by the bear market, MagicMint has continued to grow, build, and develop every single day. While many projects faltered and creators abandoned their investors, we remained steadfast in our mission. We extend our deepest gratitude and unwavering support to our investors and customers who have stood by us during these testing times. Their trust and loyalty have been invaluable.

Unmatched Utility and Rewards: MagicMint stands apart from the crowd due to our unmatched utility and rewards protocols. The game we are developing, along with the many other services we offer, will showcase the true potential of our protocols. We have meticulously crafted our utility and rewards systems to ensure that they cannot be replicated by anyone else in the market. We will be offering AIRDROP services to customers, companies, users and more, in 2024.

Our commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional value sets us apart.

Thriving in Any Market: We want to emphasize that MagicMint is built for the people, and we are determined to thrive in any market condition, be it bear or bull. The bear market has revealed the true colors of many projects, but we have remained resilient and focused on our goals. We are here for the long haul, building not just for years but for decades and beyond. Our dedication to continuous development and growth is unwavering.

As we celebrate this milestone in our journey, we extend our deepest gratitude to our team, investors, and customers who have supported us throughout.

The game we are creating, along with all of our utility and rewards protocols, will redefine the industry and provide an unparalleled experience for all users.

MagicMint is committed to delivering value, innovation, and excellence to our community. Together, we will continue to thrive and shape the future of this market. Thank You, Christopher (MagicMint Creator)

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