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Executive order amendment to weekly rewards, after 52 seamless weeks of rewards & value

Executive order amendment to weekly rewards & value

After 52 seamless weeks of rewarding we will pivot to a monthly reward protocol to every first of the month to increase volume, length of holding, higher liquidity, more limit orders, risk management on volatility and price action, along with many new rewards.

In addition, we will be adding new rewards after our 52 week milestone.

July 2023 (Monthly Begins)

Rewards to be added


August 2023

Rewards to be added




September 2023

Rewards to be added







For a total of (21+) gifted token rewards monthly by September 2023.

After an amazing 1 year of value offered to our early supporters and investors, we begin to add even more value to our ecosystem and investors. Our day 1 promise and protocols have been met, achieved and kept. Also...

I will be locking up 100% of all creator allocations on all tokens with 0 sold to date or moved from initial wallets for year 2 of MagicMint until July 2024! Accumulate and compound value safely. There is NO sell pressure from me or the company and never will be.

Thank you to all we are just beginning our journey up the mountain of value!

MagicMint will now become the store of value 2.0 that is was always destined to be. **Roadmap to be updated within 72 hours**

-MagicMint Creator

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Rizqi Ganda
Rizqi Ganda
Jun 08, 2023

Cek sound..

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