About The Company

MagicMint is a trusted digital asset management company on the XRPL. Specializing in digital asset portfolio management, self custody passive income, rewarding investors weekly, and offering a curated NFT marketplace, featuring multiple digital metaverse art museum showrooms for the general public to explore.


A no hassle, trusted, transparent, secure, rewards system of value. MagicMint rewards all of our investors with 2 airdrops every Monday, for self custody holding with our native digital asset MINT and XRP.


MagicMint sets the ultimate gold standard in passive income self custody weekly rewards, making it seamless, fast, easy, and secure. Self custody rewards appear like MAGIC, in your wallet every Monday.

All MINT purchases within publicly trading markets, add liquidity to our digital asset portfolio fund, rewarding all holders with exponential value every week. Digital assets are strategically purchased and diversified into our MagicMint digital asset portfolio fund daily.


MagicMint currently manages 12+ digital assets and will continue adding many more digital assets of value every month. MagicMint chooses digital assets to manage, that will extend the rewards even further for the investor, long term.


MagicMint's digital asset portfolio, rewards investors every week with a ratio yield % (1:75000) in XRP. Along with a 7% weekly self custody reward from your investment in MINT.


Our main utility is to set a global standard in self custody passive rewards and become a major store of value 2.0.


Every single week, MagicMint's main priority as a company, is that the investors are being rewarded on their investment. We offer extensive earning rewards programs on a weekly basis, eventually daily.


MagicMint features multiple metaverse NFT art showroom museums, where artists from all blockchains can feature and showcase.


The company and its allocations are scaled to be here for decades.

All company wallets are KYC and XRP SCAN LINKED for full company to investor transparency and trust. • View Here


MagicMint offers self custody investors a chance to earn a total of 104 rewarded airdrops in MINT + XRP per year.


MagicMint is located in Las Vegas, Nevada


About The Portfolio

MagicMint's digital asset portfolio offers investors fresh exposure to high liquidity functioning digital assets, while earning rewards on their investment holdings every week, in two unique reward airdrop deposits.

​All presale funding capital is reallocated to purchase digital assets on multiple blockchains for our digital asset portfolio.


All coins and assets are stored in multiple cold storage secure wallets, for an added layer of security.

MagicMint announces all allocations of digital assets we have invested in.


Totals are updated monthly, which include quarterly reports.

MagicMint has allocated a % of MINT that will be distributed over a long period of time, to purchase digital assets and to support our investment portfolio by rewarding holders weekly.


MagicMint's digital asset portfolio backs our solvency, rewards protocols & the company, with real world value.

Along with a 5-7% MINT weekly reward, from the distribution allocation.

MagicMint uses custom built and scripted tools to deliver our rewards every Monday.

MagicMint currently manages over 12+ Digital assets that have been locked in cold storage for long term safety and security.


Digital assets will be added every month. We will be purchasing what we believe will hold tremendous value long term for the company and our investors at MagicMint.

Our digital asset portfolio generates MagicMint, value, liquidity, capital funds and market-cap valuation.

30% allocation is to be distributed for the liquidity portfolio fund.


30% allocation is to be distributed for rewards to investors weekly.

A small % of our portfolio and company allocations will be used for buybacks in the future,
as we see tremendous value in MagicMint the company, and MINT our native digital asset.

All digital asset portfolio funds are made public and updated monthly on our website • Click Here


About The Coin

MINT is the native digital asset store of value for MagicMint, setting a global standard in self custody rewards and equal opportunity investing to all levels of investment holdings.

MagicMint offers MINT as a digital asset of value, to earn a passive rewards, every Monday at 7%, on your investment holdings.

MINT has a transaction speed of 3 seconds wallet to wallet.

MINT features nearly zero transaction fees 0.000015 XRP

MINT runs on a carbon neutral distributed ledger (XRPL).


Weekly earnings and rewards, will generate real world value to all of our investors for the long term.

Equal opportunity investing grants the public and private sectors to invest with trust, transparency, and security.

MINT brings outstanding wealth and value, as a means of earning from holding.

All Mint trading currently is done on the decentralized


MINT will be the fuel that provides, outstanding services for all of our reward programs and NFT Protocols in the future.

Mint has a fixed KYC blackholed supply of 500,000,000.

MagicMint releases 1,000.000 at a price variable to the DEX every month, for retail investors to begin earning on there holdings.

MagicMint's long term goal is to become a major store of value 2.0, generating investors rewards and real world value for a lifetime and beyond.


About NFT Protocols

The digital collectible world is changing rapidly. NFT services and protocols are the new way of representing digital value and ownership.

Our MagicMint museum showrooms will feature a multitude of artists from all different blockchains.

All masterpieces are hand curated from our NFT art management team.

Our NFT museum is a digital metaverse showcasing artwork, consisting of photo, video and sound.

MagicMint specializes in the creation of NFT digital metaverse museum showrooms and helping artists promote there brand new gallery spaces.

MagicMint is merging investing, earning and NFT artists in a meta kind of way. Our multiple NFT metaverse museums showcase some of the most exquisite art we have seen to date.

Our NFT utility mission, is to present multiple artists from all different blockchains, showcasing NFT artists from all over the world.

Explore our first NFT Art Museum Now

MagicMint in Q4 of 2022, will launch a NFT gallery creators service, where customers can hire MagicMint to build there own custom NFT galleries, along with a company NFT LaunchPad due out in 2023.

MagicMint will be offering NFT minting services through our MagicMinter platform (2023-2024).

MagicMint will begin to enter the NFT ecosystem heavily, once NFT protocols are enabled on the XRPL.


About The Creator

MagicMint's Creator and founder needs no introduction to the XRPL.


Christopher Bradley is a 5 year cryptocurrency veteran, seasoned entrepreneur, and the creator of (www.lovecoinnetwork.com), bringing his experience, expertise and creator skills too MagicMint.

I have been programming, building and developing on the computer, since the early age of 9. Over 29+ years experience creating on machines daily. Computers, electronics & technology, always have been a big part of my life.

MagicMint was created to offer massive passive utility and to deliver secure self custody rewards for company investors.

Our NFT protocols, services and showroom museums will present a one of a kind utility, to the NFT digital asset market.

The end game goal in years to come for MagicMint is crystal clear, to

offer the easiest and simplest way to earn passive income on your investment, without daily price action directly effecting your weekly rewards % earnings.

MagicMint was created to be a legitimate, trusted, transparent and respected establishment offering investors 104 reward deposits a year, for being a holder & investor with MagicMint.

MagicMint is here to set an industry standard in self custody rewards programs for investors.


Our earnings and rewards protocols, truly showcase the power of what MagicMint has to offer, to become the store of value 2.0.

The priority at hand is to solve real world issues, with real world value. using real world utility.

I personally look forward to serving our investment partners and supporters at MagicMint for decades and beyond.


NFT metaverse related protocols will be showcasing curated artists in our custom built museum showrooms. 


MagicMint is here to set a heavy standard in the global self custody rewards sector and the NFT digital art market space.

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